PHOENIX, ARIZONA: Disaster Loan Packaging LLC is offering two solutions to small businesses to get their Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) from the Small Business Administration (SBA) as quickly as possible.  They include self-guided forms generation software and professional step-by-step guidance.

Thousands of small businesses have applied with the SBA online for a $10,000 advance, and additional funds of up to $2 million are available to cover accounts payable, payroll, rent, and other bills at only 3.75 percent for up to 30 years.  However, these businesses are waiting for follow up instructions as to what to do next.  The wait is frustrating; time is of the essence because owners fear losing their businesses.

Disaster Loan Packaging has two offerings that will help owners get their loan applications packaged efficiently, and get a head start in obtaining these badly needed funds faster to save their businesses.

“We have ‘Do-It-Yourself’ and ‘Full Service’ offerings,” explained Duc Nguyen, founder of Disaster Loan Packaging.  “These offerings provide much-needed support to eliminate the confusion surrounding the EIDL program.  A business qualifies whether it has sales revenue or not, regardless of whether it has laid off its employees or not,” Nguyen added.  “They package an EIDL application for submission to the SBA regardless of business size, type, and financial resources.  Funds are sent to the business bank account.”

Do-It-Yourself’ is unique software for preparing the forms, and showing business owners how to submit their application package to the SBA; it is ideal for most businesses.  It is a form generator that simplifies the entire process by merely going online and rapidly entering the necessary data with quality control.

Full Service’ engages our team of EIDL professionals, experienced with the SBA, to guide an owner through the complex process step by step.  It is best for multiple business owners or investors.

“Both offerings guide the business owner through the 400+ questions, and in the collection of the vast amounts of documentation,” Nguyen emphasized.  “They organize tax returns, balance sheets and income statements, historical sales data, financial forecasts, personal financial statements, and schedules of liabilities,” he explained.  “They even provide personalized hardship letters.”

Do-It-Yourself’ is offered at an introductory price of $449 – a time saver without worry.  ‘Full Service’ is offered at an introductory price of $2,500 – exceptional value for more complex businesses with multiple owners and investors.  Sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations are all eligible.

“There are no other solutions for getting EIDL loans fast,” Nguyen claims.  “Visit to select the offering that best meets the need; a business will be well on the way to getting funded fast!!!”

Disaster Loan Packaging LLC was founded by Duc Nguyen, an entrepreneur with substantial experience in owning small businesses and assisting others in obtaining various forms of credit.  His related company is Direct Funder LLC.  Both companies are based in Phoenix, Arizona.


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